About Me

Web developer, my opinions are my own. I love my wife, kids, JavaScript, and click bait. You won't believe what my 5th favorite thing is!

I've liked making cool things as long as I can remember. In high school, I thought being part of the robotics team was the coolest (guess who wasn't prom king).

I graduated from DevLeague, a Honolulu based coding bootcamp, in 2016 and have enjoyed being a dev ever since. I currently work at an awesome dev agency (Sudokrew Solutions). We work on all kind of cool things from AR to data viz. The clients I've worked with have spanned the gamut from startups to augmenting Fortune 100 companies, and have been in various sectors including clean energy, fintech, non-profits, politics, education, marketing, and even counting fish (no joke, one of my favorites projects ever!).

I like spending my free time with my wife and two young children. I do get itchy for tech (typically in the middle of the night) and end up experimenting with things like creating a kids Alexa skill or playing with exotic niche APIs.

5 years
as a Software Engineer
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